Thursday, August 18, 2011

From The Mouths of Babes

I'm still picking up someone's non-password protected wifi signal. Only in one room of my house and it comes and goes. I've also been running all over town. We've seen friends almost every day, we've been doing daily swim lessons, we've been eating mexican food, we hung out at the local library for a while (oh how I missed it!) and also made a trip to Half Price Books. We checked out a new place in town--The Fried Pie Shop. Which sells nothing but fried pies, in both sweet and savory varieties. On our very first trip into Target, we ran into friends. Later in the day, we made our very first trip to HEB, where we also ran into friends. The girls have spent some time hanging out with their new baby cousin. Secora ate food. Voluntarily. It was an oreo.

We are getting along better than I expected, but parenting 3 littles by myself all day is still tiring, so I just haven't taken the time to blog. Future posts I plan to get up at some point: the start of our school year, the vacation we plan to take soon, pictures of the oreo based baby diet (you're so much more laid back with the 3rd baby), directions on the brownie, chocolate peanut butter cookie bar I made a long time ago and never posted about, and a lot more snippets here and there that I keep saving but not posting.

In the meantime, some recent quotes from these short people that keep following me around

Sedona: Momma, do apples come from apple trees?
Me: Yes, apples grow on apple trees.
Sedona: Then.........babies must grow on BABY trees!!!

Sierra (while watching Antiques Roadshow): Momma? When was daddy born? 17-something? No, wait, he was born in 19-something. Was it 1917??

Sedona: Hey! I was gonna ask for crackers and you just gave me crackers! What a lovely day!

Overheard at swim lessons while the teacher was quizzing the kids on pool safety: Okay, does anyone BESIDES SIERRA know the answer?

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