Friday, August 12, 2011

9 Months!

Secora is 9 months old today! She had her 9 month check up and weighed in at 17#4oz. That's the same she was at 8 months, but since she was weighed on a different scale, it's hard to say whether it's accurate or not. I'm eager to get my own scale down here so I can put her on that and have an accurate comparison.

She got her finger stuck to check her iron levels and that came back just fine. That surprised me, actually. Usually if they put off eating this long, their iron dips quite a bit.

Yup, you read that right...she still doesn't eat. Same ol', same ol', every time I hold up anything to her she clamps her mouth closed and backs away. If you touch the food to her lips, she makes a gaggy face. I try baby food about once a week and it's been so long now that half the time when I'm eating, I offer that too....french fries, ice cream, whatever, she wants no part in any of it. The pediatrician agreed that she's doing just fine without it and said to just keep trying, but only put it in her mouth if she opens up for it. She gets another 3 months and if she's still not eating anything at all by the time she's 1 year old, she goes to occupational therapy to evaluate for texture issues. The only part of all of this that really bothers me is that at this point, I highly doubt she will eat a smash cake at her birthday. Maybe we'll do one for her 2nd birthday to make up for that.

She is very mobile now. She finally figured out how to properly crawl, but you can tell it still takes a lot of concentration. She did it the first time while I was in the post-surgery daze, but Josh got it on video. She has gotten herself from a laying to a sitting position on her own 3 or 4 times. She is pulling up to her knees a lot and a few times a day, she'll pull all the way up to standing, but she doesn't cruise yet.

No real progress on talking this month. That doesn't really surprise me since her sisters were pretty late at that. She still babbles strings of dadadadadada and yayayayayaya and every once in a while a mamamama. She hasn't picked up any sign language yet. She grabs for me and says, "mmmmmmmm!!!!! mmmmmm!!!" when she wants to nurse and will quiet down and wait if I do the sign for "milk", so I think she's understanding it, just not using it yet.

She has gotten to hang out with her new (1 month old) cousin this week. That's cute to see. She'll crawl over to Emrie and stare at her as if she's thinking, "why don't you DO anything??"

She still just has the 2 bottom teeth, though the doctor pointed out to me today that another bottom tooth is poking through. Still nothing on the top though.

She is definitely very interested in what her sisters are doing. She's starting to try to crawl after them and she never wants baby toys, she goes after their stuff instead. Won't be long before she's chasing after them!!


Snyder Central said...

does she have any signs of reflux? David wasnt eating at that age and we finally discovered at 16 months when he still wouldnt eat despite therapy. We tried meds on a whim of the ped figuring it couldnt hurt and three days later he started eating

The Hills said...

She was a little refluxy when she was little (the constant swallowing, spitting up, etc...), but she was never fussy about it and she doesn't do any of that anymore. She nurses fine too. The only food she'll voluntarily put in her mouth (aside from nursing) is water but she won't swallow it. Anything else, she starts gagging if it touches her lips.


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