Sunday, July 17, 2011

Un-Poof (Kinda)

While the job offer is still gone, we (along with Josh's boss) have come up with a new plan of action.

There are a lot of details and pros and cons to various options that I don't feel the need to lay out in a public forum, but the gist is that the girls and I will still move to Texas as planned. Josh will stay here. He gets time off to move our stuff down and time to come visit once a month. We are hopeful he will join us not much later than originally planned, but at the latest, he will come down in May.

Because cancelling the Disney trip (which the girls still don't know about) is just a punch in the gut on top of everything else, we are trying to salvage it, but we may need to make some changes to the reservation. We will have to cancel the rest of the road trip unless another job with a similar start date magically appears soon.

This plan gives us the best financial security possible in the current situation. While all us girls are not so happy with the prospect of leaving him behind, at least it is temporary.

I think my last post came across a bit more pessimistic than I intended. This news, while disappointing, hasn't upset me as much as I would've guessed it would. All in all, things are quite okay. We still have income and everyone is healthy. Last week I became aware of the James Sikes blog. A horrible truth of the internet is that there are a lot of falsehoods out there. People who write fiction and pass it off as a memoir. It makes people skeptical and I have read of some people having the same reaction to this blog. I'm not sure it even matters though. According to the blog, 8 month old James was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive type of brain tumor 25 days ago. And yesterday he passed away. In less than a month. Whether or not this blog is truth (and I think it is), this situation does exist in the world. Parents have to bury their children. So no more job? Upside down plans that sometimes shift by the hour? Big deal. We will snuggle our baby. We will play games with our children. We will do the best we can with the knowledge in front of us to keep our family fed, clothed and sheltered. We will treasure each other and the rest will work itself out.

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