Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sedona is FOUR!!

Four years ago a rambunctious little girl came into this world. Sideways. Okay, not all of her was sideways, just her head. And I'm not bitter at all. I kid, I kid! She was actually my easiest pregnancy and easiest recovery and she can be a handful, but she is the happiest, most laid back kid.
Newborn Sedona

She loves water just as much as she always has. She gets SOO excited when it's bath time (only she says, "I'm so exciting!!"). One of the benefits to going back to Texas now is that we will make it back the same day that the last session of swim lessons starts. She has no fear about going to the class by herself (she and Sierra will be in different groups and parents don't participate at this age) and is thrilled to learn how to swim
water baby at 1 year old

She had a little bit of a rough medical start her first year. She had some GI problems and was diagnosed failure-to-thrive. Ever since then, she has been smaller (according to the growth charts) than the rest of the family. She's decided to catch up though. She actually jumped UP growth curves in the last year! She grew 3.5 inches! She's now 39.5" (50th percentile) and 33 pounds (between the 25th and 50th percentiles).
2 years old. It took some work, but we've been bink-free for over a year now! She thinks that Secora should always have a bink (Secora could take or leave them) and while Secora prefers Avent pacifiers, Sedona has repeatedly tried to give her a MAM pacifier (the brand Sedona preferred) and says they're better.

She talks CONSTANTLY now. It's as if there is no filter whatsoever, if a thought enters her brain, she must say it right away. Thanks to 6 months with a great therapist, her speech is light years better than it was a year ago. She still has some articulation errors, but they are ones that often persist until the age of 6 or 7 (most notably, the letter r. She tries and watches how we do it, but she just can't say an r). She is understandable to strangers now and that's a good thing, because she talks to all of them. I've been reading her the book "Never Talk To Strangers", but she makes friends in about 5 seconds, so she sees no need to keep quiet around anyone.
3 year old Sedona

The actual birthday celebration will be tonight, but we tried doing a little "yay! I'm four!" photo shoot. It didn't go so well. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can get outside for better pictures later on today! Here's what I did get though
A brief moment of stillness I LOVE her hair!!
Hyper preschooler + no flash + lack of light = what's that blur?

Still doing baby yoga...

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Big Fat Gini said...

Happy Birthday Sedona! I hope she and her rainbow cake have a fabulous day!


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