Thursday, July 28, 2011

Post-Op Day 2

It's been about 36 hours since my surgery. In case you're wondering...I hurt. I still felt loopy (from the versed, I think) yesterday, but around midnight, that wore off and I just felt like I got hit by a truck. This evening I've settled into more of "had a strong margarita and did 1,000 sit ups" territory.

I wonder why there's so much fear surrounding childbirth. This is definitely worse than that. The initial attacks were like being at the peak of a contraction that didn't let up at all (and had no definite end point in sight). The recovery from this surgery is also more painful than recovering from unmedicated birth. I was never interested in taking anything more than ibuprofen for labor or the recovery. For this though, I'm popping vicodin around the clock. It's the first time in my life to take more than one or two doses of pain medicine. I'm not convinced it's working super great though. I think I prefer higher doses of regular tylenol and I think I'll call tomorrow and see if I can safely do that.

I had heard the belly button incision was the worst, but it's really not bothering me at all. Two or three times today I was aware it was there, but it doesn't hurt. The other two incisions are at the top of my abdomen, right under my diaphragm. One in particular is right in the middle and hurts like an SOB. Hurts to breathe deep, hurts to move, hurts to talk too much. If I lay still, I'm good. If I lay still with an ice pack gently laid against me, I can sleep for an hour or two.

I think I'm developing a sensitivity to adhesives. It's not terrible, but I got real itchy where my IVs were and the very top layer of skin peeled off where the tape was (like when you have a bad sunburn). I still have marks from the EKG pads from both Sunday and Wednesday and the skin is peeling a bit there too. My incisions are held closed with steri-strips, no stitches or glue, and I seem to be having the same really itchy reaction to those. It's not horrible though and those incisions need to stay covered up, so unless I break out in giant hives or something, I'm going to leave it be and just ask if there are alternatives next time medical tape is a necessity.

Last night was all sorts of not fun. Poor Josh is exhausted from juggling everyone and when he's tired, he snores, so that kept waking me up (and then I'd nudge him to make him stop). Then Secora was trying to make up for all the milk she didn't get during the day (nothing I write here substitutes for medical advice, but as a lactation consultant with an 8 month old healthy baby, yes, I'm totally comfortable with her nursing while I'm on vicodin). Unfortunately, pain inhibits the milk ejection reflex, so she still wasn't getting the amount of milk she usually does and she compensated by waking up every hour and a half. It also took a bit of maneuvering to get me in a position to nurse, then get her latched on while Josh held her legs so she couldn't knee me in the stomach. Then we had to get her back to sleep (I usually sleep next to her and just nurse laying down, but it's not safe for me to sleep next to her while I'm on the pain meds). Hoping tonight goes better.

I have eaten normal food all day without any ill effects. I still don't think it'd be wise to go get pizza tomorrow, but I'm hoping the food tolerance keeps up. I'm looking forward to my follow-up appointment next week. There are some things I'm curious about that I was still too sedated to ask last time I saw the surgeon. I'm really hoping they took a picture of my gallbladder. I meant to ask for one, but got caught up in talking meds with the anesthesiologist and forgot.

For right now, still glad I had this done and had it done now. I took the time to write thank you notes all the doctors and nurses I saw in the ER and the outpatient surgery clinic this morning. I appreciate and save all the thank yous I get from lactation clients so I hope it gives them all a little pick me up when they get them. They really did such a fabulous job, I don't think I could've gotten better care anywhere else.

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