Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Planning Time

That map up there is our next road trip. Mostly. The girls and I will be vacationing our way back to Texas soon, probably along that route, but maybe we'll change it up before the time comes. Josh needs to stay a few more weeks to finish up work and then soon after he arrives, we're headed East. What started as a "hey, there's time between jobs, let's take the girls to DisneyWorld!" turned into "well, if we're gonna be out that way, we should go there....and there....and there....and ooh! we've never been there!"

(if you missed it, yup...we're going to Disney World! The girls don't know and we don't plan on telling them until the last minute, so PLEASE do not mention anything if you know us in real life!!!)

In short, we have plans to cover about 5,500 miles before the first of October. There is a lot of activity going on around here as we try to mostly pack up the house before the girls and I leave, pack the van with the things we'll need before Josh arrives with the Uhaul, and plan for the long trip out East.

Look for road trip planning and "what we did" posts coming soon! This trip will be very similar in distance/time to the big trip we took in 2009 and we're excited to be hitting the road again!

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Tamara said...

That looks like quite an adventure! How exciting!


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