Friday, July 29, 2011

The One Where Pain Meds Go Bad

The prescription I was given after the surgery says I can take 1-2 vicodin every 4 hours as needed. I had stuck with one at a time because I'm just not a big pain medication person. I was hurting quite a bit yesterday though, so we decided I should try 2. And 2 helped the pain. A lot, actually. So when it was bedtime (and 4 hours had passed since the last dose), I took 2 more thinking I'd get a good night's sleep and then cut back on the meds in the morning.

Bad idea.

I went to sleep and had the most realistic, scary nightmares ever. Now, I'd had nightmares several weeks ago when I took one-half a vicodin during one of these attacks. But this was another realm all together. I woke up and was nervous and paranoid. My vision was messed up and I was hearing things. I knew it was only the medicine and only in my head and I had to wait it out, which is the only thing that made it bearable. I did make Josh call the ER and find out for sure that this WOULD go away and I didn't need to go in for anything.

I refused to take any more medicine though, so I sat up for a few hours until the anxiety eased, then went back to sleep (and back to more run of the mill nightmares...people setting the car on fire while we were in it, turning into a turkey and other fun stuff). I didn't take anything at all during the night because I just wanted it all to clear out a bit. So I was hurting pretty good this morning. We talked to the surgeon and I'm sticking to regular ol' tylenol now. I'm sure it's partly because I'm healing up anyway, but it's working pretty well.

Looking through the paperwork from the pharmacy, it seems all of this is a known reaction to vicodin, but I had no idea. Now I know.

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