Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lock Up Your Cabinets!

We are days away from having a truly mobile baby around here.

If you make a nice cushy mat for her, she insists on hanging out OFF the mat
And she's also figured out how to get up on her hands and knees and then sort of launch herself forward (face first...let's hope she starts moving her hands soon)

Much like her sisters, she's decided midnight is a great practice time. You know, when it's all quiet and everyone is trying to sleep. If she's too tired at night, she just wakes up at 5am to give it a try.

I still think she may follow in Sierra's footsteps as an early walker though. If you hold her hands, she will walk across a room. She's not balanced enough to hold herself up, but she's got the stepping motion down and thinks she's extra super special talented when she does it.


Anonymous said...

Nice quilt. Aunt Jen-Jen

The Hills said...

Isn't it though? ;-) Her's it upstairs for when we're up there and she gets Sierra's downstairs. Sedona's still carrying her's around most of the time :-)


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