Thursday, July 7, 2011


Time for another garden update!

I took these pictures last week and the peonies have all gone away now, but they sure were pretty while they lasted!

Here was the last bud about to open up:
And one cluster of flowers we had

Over in our laundry basket garden, our potatoes are doing wonderfully (they have flower buds that will open any day, which means we should be able to dig up potatoes really soon)
The peas have started putting out blooms as well (this is still bizarre to me...I'm growing a vegetable in July that normally I would grow in December!)
Our carrots never really took off. We have about 10-15 plants that will make a good carrot, I think. The spinach is doing a little too well and we haven't eaten enough of it, we need to have some salad this week!

Also came across this little guy hanging out on the potatoes one day (still wanting a macro lens)

With the way things are looking, we may be back in Texas in time to do a fall garden (these same vegetables all over again!) down there if we work hard when we get there.

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