Monday, July 4, 2011


There aren't going to be any firework shows in our town this year, so we decided to make a trip to the firework trailer and get some small things for the kids. Unfortunately, the sun stays up until after 10pm here, so these pictures (which really were taken in the evening on two different days) look like we were doing fireworks at noon!

This was the first year we did anything like this at home. The girls were completely amazed
'Cause, you know, things like colored smoke bombs are just super impressive when you're a little kid Then we let them play with sparklers, which they were a little scared of at first, but they warmed up quickly...
...even though the smoke WAS a bit stinky

Sedona wouldn't sit still long enough, but Sierra also got to explore the joys of setting a long exposure time on the camera
And in case you missed it, everyone's in shorts!! Next week will be the first time this year that we hit 80 every day!

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