Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crazy Kid Dinner

This is another idea that was on Pinterest. One of my friends pointed it out and was making fun of it, but I knew the kids would love it, so I just had to give it a try.

When it was dinner time, I gave the girls a plate of this:

They were completely amazed. Sedona said, "Hotdogs must have holes in them! But......hotdogs don't have holes in them..." She looked really confused, and just started eating. Sierra decided I must have made holes in the hotdogs with a fork and stringed them onto spaghetti noodles.

Not quite, it's much easier than that.

Cut a hotdog into chunks and stab a few pieces of uncooked spaghetti through (don't worry about them going straight through). Then drop in boiling water and cook just like you'd normally cook the spaghetti!
The only think you need to do differently is to cook it an extra minute or so. When the noodles that are sticking out are done, the section that is inside the hotdog is just slightly underdone (because it's insulated with cold hotdog at the beginning, I suppose), so you need to add on the extra time to avoid a crunchy piece in your hotdog.

The girls loved it and have been asking me to make it again!


Marti Kubena said...

Yeah, pretty sure I will have to do this for my kids even though it looks disgusting to me!

The Hills said...

Word of does encourage playing with your food ;-) Sierra likes to hold up a piece of hot dog up to her mouth and pretend the spaghetti hanging down is a mustache LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL....I showed this to your daddy, now he wants it for dinner. I'm telling you the man is reverting back to his childhood.

Snyder Central said...

My boys love that! You can also take a whole hotdog, cut it vertically into strips leaving the top quarter intact, then boil. The cut strips curl and turn and the whole things winds up looking like an octopus!


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