Monday, July 25, 2011

At Least It's Not Boring

Life has not been boring around here since I last posted.

We celebrated Sedona's birthday (and I took pictures, but I need to get them up). She had a great time. We went out for lunch and dinner, played at the park and had cake and presents at home.

We made all the arrangements to switch up our plans for the move to accommodate the fact that Josh is going to stay here longer than we thought.

Then we got a call from the job he had accepted and then lost and found out the job was back on. But they wanted to do things differently so it couldn't be pulled again, so they are doing new hire paperwork first, THEN doing the official offer, so it's still not set in stone. Now we don't know whether we're sticking to our new plan or reverting back to our original plan. (but we are glad we didn't rush to cancel various reservations, which would've cost us several hundred dollars in penalties)

Josh went to the dentist and found out he has a cracked tooth and decay underneath one of his fillings. He will definitely need a crown, and there's no way to know until the dentist gets in there whether it will need a regular filling or a root canal. So that's either a $1200 bill or a $2000 bill, it'll be a surprise.

We did a lot of packing now that the move is back on.

I went to the urgent care clinic because something was seriously not right with my insides. I got chastised because "we're really for sore throats" (well, sorry miss uppity nurse a normal town, urgent care is for anything that needs to be seen, but isn't an emergency), and told to see my doctor on Monday.

Sunday morning I ended up in the ER (is that better urgent care lady??) with pancreatitis. They told me they were admitting me, put me on "nothing by mouth" orders, and did an abdominal CT to be sure they weren't missing anything. The CT showed a bunch of gallstones the ultrasound missed. I'm not quite clear on everything, but my understanding is they usually do ultrasound for the gallbladder because it's easier to see that way, but I'm thin enough that they could see my gallbladder just fine on CT and the stones are a type that would show up well on CT, but not on ultrasound. They aren't really sure if the stones were there all along or not, but the gallbladder trouble was definitely the source of the pancreas trouble. By the time they got me in the CT, the pancreas was already looking pretty good, so they said I could stay overnight on the IV, or I could home (they knew about Secora nursing and it was gonna be a hassle to be away from her all night). So I talked to the internist and the fill-in surgeon (the regular one was out of town) and came home. I go talk to the regular surgeon later this morning and the idea is the gallbladder comes out in the next few days. That may or may not affect the moving plans, it will depend on how recovery is going.

With everything going on and the fact that internet access will probably be spotty for the last half of August, there will probably be fewer posts than normal around here. I do have pictures ready to go for several things I wanted to get up, so if I can get around to that, I'll hopefully be able to schedule some things to go up when I'm not around.

Now back to my jello and chicken broth...

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One Acre Homestead said...

Wow, you HAVE been busy! I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well, but hope that treatment goes smoothly.


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