Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Travel Goals

I'm making progress on some of the travel goals in my 101 in 1001 list.

First up, I goofed and thought I was still in the time frame to just change my name on my passport and I'm not (by a long shot), so I had to do a full renewal. So Goal #38 to change my name on my passport is not possible. I need to come up with something travel related to replace it, but I'm not sure what that should be yet (any suggestions?). Goal #39 is to renew my passport, and I got all of the paperwork for that in the mail today. While I managed to take my own passport photo and get it the right size, with a plain white background and no glare on my glasses, I did shove a small child out of the way before the automatic shutter timer went off and ended up looking like a crazed lunatic. Not a unabomber type of lunatic though, more of the "she always seemed so normal" variety. Next time I'm just paying someone to do it for me.

I also completed goal #59, to order Secora's birth certificate. That will help us with travel as well. We're hoping to make a trip to Canada this summer (probably to either Calgary or Vancouver) and the kids only need a birth certificate to cross the border by car, so we're going with that option rather than spending over $300 on passports for all of them right now.

Speaking of travel, did you notice I got the map put up on the sidebar? I will keep it updated as we take more trips. If you want to see it bigger (and navigate it easier) you can click the link underneath to go to the full-sized version on google maps. There's also that button up at the top for the circle of moms top 25. My blog is entered in the travel category. If you like my road trip posts, click the button and scroll down until you see my blog and click the thumbs up picture to vote for me! You can vote once a day. There are some other blogs on the list that are really neat and worth checking out too!

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