Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I didn't have a sister growing up and always wished I'd had one. When I found out Sierra was going to have a sister, I was very excited for her (and maybe a teeny bit jealous for me...I still wonder what it would've been like!). Adding in a third girl was just icing on the cake, a whole group of sisters! And we've had a blissful absence of sibling rivalry too.

Since the sun rises so early here, Secora has been waking up early and she's often ready for a nap by 8am. The big girls anxiously wait for her to wake up from that nap and when she does, they come rushing in for their turn to snuggle with her (with close supervision...Sedona loves her a little TOO much sometimes!)
And Secora thinks they're just the neatest things ever too. I love this picture, because she's reaching out a hand to each of her sisters. Being the oldest does have its draw backs though. Sierra has had to learn to adapt. For instance, when your little sisters are driving you crazy in the car, you can take off your tights and tie them around your head to block everyone out :-/

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