Thursday, June 9, 2011

It Was Nice While It Lasted

It's 50 degrees and rainy here in Western Montana today. And the forecast doesn't predict any temps higher than 70 anytime in near future. So while we're stuck inside, I figured it was a good time to look back at last weekend, when we had a warm snap and got out to get as much sun as we could! On Saturday, we picked up a pizza and went to the park for a picnic (which helped me along on one my 101 in 1001 goals!). I had also gotten some watermelon at the grocery store, which everyone really enjoyed sharing!

After lunch, it was time to play! We were having so much fun I completely forgot to change the whit balance setting on my camera, so you'll have to excuse the blue tinge!

Sedona's favorite playground activity is sliding, she'll go down all the slides over and over again
She's also starting to like the things she can practice balancing on though

Sierra's favorite has always been the swings. She's the only one who loved the baby swing when she was little and as long as she's been visiting playgrounds, she's been spending plenty of time on the swings!
Pa-paw's not gonna like this picture, but she always ends up swinging this high and she's never taken chances with letting go, so about a year or two ago I gave up on yelling out "go lower!" every 2 minutes.
She's getting good at the climbing wall too
I loved watching this little interaction. I had my zoom lens with me, so I was pretty far away and Sedona decided to give this little swaying balance beam a try. She made it all the way across once, and then she turned around to go back....
Another girl a little bit older than her came up and started talking a mile a minute saying, "I can do that, there's a trick to it. Let me show you trick...." on and on and on. Finally, Sedona turns back and says, "I'M GOOD AT THIS! I can do it!!" I was kinda waiting for her to just bust out with "DUDE! Back off!"
Sierra got in some monkey bar practice too. She's been making it all the way across the monkey bars for at least a year now. She's a strong little kid!

The next day, we got out for that walk where I took pictures of all the flowers. Sierra and Sedona did so much dancing and running that they probably ended up covering 5 times as much distance as we did. They sure enjoyed wearing short sleeves and being warm outside though!

We just kept going and going until we ended up down at main street. Sedona found herself a fireman to flirt with
And of course Sierra couldn't be out done
We stayed out so long, it ended up being lunch time, so we stopped at our favorite little cafe (River Rising) for lunch. Even though she was in the stroller the whole time, that big long walk just totally tuckered out Secora!While we waited for our food, I took the time to take some pictures of her. Don't you love chubby baby hands? It's the only time in life when it's completely socially acceptable to have dimples instead of knuckles!
Hope we get more warm days soon. Maybe next week!

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