Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden Update

A little over a month ago, we start a mini garden in laundry baskets with the bottoms cut off. Our weather has been a bit on the cool side, even for Montana, so things have taken a while to really take off, but they're growing pretty good now.

The potatoes have sprouted up and we've continued adding soil. The baskets are almost full already.
The peas are loving life and we need to put in some sort of make-shift trellis for them to climb
The carrots are just now deciding to come out of hiding
The spinach is thrilled with the cold weather and I'll probably get some strawberries this weekend and make spinach strawberry salad.

Most days it's too cold and wet to be outside (well, the big girls could probably handle it, but too cold for Secora), so it was also a good time for one of the crafts I wanted to try out. I saved two glass bottles once they were empty, peeled the labels off and scrubbed off any leftover glue so we could turn them into flower vases.

First we put a little tacky glue on a note card. We used q-tips as a paintbrush, but it fuzzed out a lot, so we went through several q-tips.
Then Sierra painted a design on a cleaned glass bottle
She started with a swirly pattern (the bottle is still wet from me cleaning it)
Then sprinkled some colored sand over it

And tapped off the excess
Repeat, repeat, repeat with different designs and different colors of sand.

And when your child is all done, you ask them to hold their creation and smile pretty for the camera. And you get this:
Have you ever tried to explain to a 6 year old to "just smile normally"?

Here's her completed vase:


Brandy said...

Cute idea! And I love the nightgown! ;)

The Hills said...

Can you believe she's still wearing it? I guess it technically fits...just short and she's busted the button off the back LOL Just a head's up, she's got her heart set on another slumber party this year ;-)

Brandy said...

Well, then it might shock you to hear that Brooke's nightgown still touches the ground on her! It fits though and she wears it all the time! :)

PS - We're ready for another sleepover too! :)


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