Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun With Science

Remember the prizes Sierra won from the Virtual Science Fair?

Well, she enjoyed the volcano kit (what kid wouldn't?), but she was REALLY thrilled with the Magic Science kit. There were a bunch of fun activities for her with basic enough science that she could understand. Lots of acids and bases, pH indicator and density type stuff. There were enough supplies to repeat the experiments a few times or adapt them to further learning. I'm planning to have her predict whether certain household substances, like vinegar, are acids or bases and then test them.

Here are a few pictures of her doing her experiments:

This was her favorite experiment. It was basically doing a volcano reaction, but there was vegetable oil on top, so it bubbled through that like a lava lamp.
And that right there is exactly the face you want to see when introducing young children to science! You know it's been a good day when a 6 year old insists on redoing the experiment so she can watch the reaction again and considers that she just might want to be a chemist (too bad organic chem lab isn't quite so thrilling!)

Disclosure: Sierra won two science kits and a $50 gift card in the Scientific Explorer Virtual Science Fair. I was not asked to review the products and received no direct compensation. As always, the amazon link above is an affiliate link.

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