Sunday, June 12, 2011

7 Months!

Secora is 7 months old today! And it's official these photo shoots just don't work so well anymore. She did have great fun tearing down the sign though. And then shredding it into tiny pieces. One bonus to having a baby with no interest in eating is that she doesn't put things in her mouth. She is 16#8oz, which means she has surpassed her sisters and is the heaviest 7 month old we've had. She averaged a little over 2.5oz gain per week, which is right on target. She has zero interest in solid foods. After the sweet potatoes, we gave her a break and tried pears. She still wasn't havin' it (and her guts didn't take too kindly to the small amount she did get). We gave her more of a break and tried peas. Still wasn't havin' it. We'll keep trying, but 7 months old is just fine to still be exclusively nursing, so we're not in a rush. She sits pretty well now. If you sit her up, she can stay on her own for several minutes and has started putting her hand out to the side to catch herself if she leans. She rolls everywhere and can manage a little forward motion on her tummy, but doesn't get up on her hands and knees yet. If you stand her up, she can hold her own pretty well just by holding your hands. Sierra only crawled a couple of weeks and then took off walking, so I wonder if Secora will do the same. She babbles "dadadadadada" and she does a steady "mmmmmmmmmmmmm" sound when she wants me. She has suddenly become VERY interested in the world around her. She's always watching her sisters, reaching for things and just generally trying to participate in things. For instance, this particular photo shoot ended because she decided she really needed to get closer and see why I kept holding this weird black box up to my face

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Elizabeth said...

WOW! 7 months already. It seems like she was just born. Such a cutie!!


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