Sunday, May 22, 2011

Theater Masks

We're SOOO close to the end of Ancient Greece. I can't wait. I hope the next time it comes around, Sierra's more interested in mythology because I think that will make it much more fun. Today was another fun activity though. We talked about Greek theater (she was not impressed that women didn't act in the plays) and made masks after learning about how the actors used masks to make their emotions more visible to people seated far away from the stage.

I bought a pack of blank masks at Michael's and just turned the girls loose with markers. I let them each do 2 and there are still masks leftover. I may get some feathers and fake jewels and let them make Mardi Gras type masks later on.

Sierra insisted on wearing her's for much of the day, but we put our foot down when she wanted to wear it out to the store!

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Anonymous said...

You are such a fun school teacher. Maybe I would have learned something if you had been my teacher.


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