Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yes, we're STILL on Ancient Greece. We should finish up pretty soon though and I'm rounding up ideas for Ancient Rome (which I hope to finish by mid-July and then take a break before starting the middle ages).

I mentioned a little while back about seeing the jelly bean mosaic idea on the Jelly Belly website. We were going to make mosaics with stones, but jelly beans seemed so much more fun, so last weekend, we sat down to do that. I made up regular sugar cookie frosting (4Tbsp butter, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 2c powdered sugar, 2.5Tbsp milk) and spread it onto a paper plate pretty thick, then let Sierra put on the jelly beans however she wanted

Of course, Sedona heard what was going on and started saying, "I wanna make a mosaic too!!!"

Here is Sierra's finished mosaic. She had fun and we got through the section on Ancient Greek clothing while she was working.

Sedona was more interested in posing for the camera with her mosaic. She's got just a tiny bit of personality. And she's very very happy. All the time.

While Sedona was hamming it up, Sierra made a second mosaic. She said she was going to make this one look like flowers, but then she decided to go with another somewhat random pattern.

Definitely a fun activity to mesh together history and art!

Sierra also did her pottery worksheet Translation to non-6 year old spelling: I asked if I could see what it was like underground. I was so excited and then Sedona went to bed and then I watched TV and then I went to bed. And then mom and dad watched TV and then went to bed. (she was asking questions about plumbing a few days ago and Josh took her in the basement to show her the pipes).

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