Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Fun Is Always Good

We're still plodding through Ancient Greece (much behind schedule). The good news is that we just hit the "Ancient Greek Lifestyle" section which is where most of the fun activities will come up.

In particular, I found out this week that the Jelly Belly website has a virtual factory tour available online. As I was checking it out (very neat for kids, kind of along the lines of the factory videos we used to watch on Mr. Rogers), I noticed they also have Jelly Belly mosaics on their website. Eureka! Who wants to make a boring ol' mosaic made out of rocks when you could use jelly beans??

So in an effort to spice things up and get Sierra more interested, I went out and bought jelly beans for her mosaic. I plan to spread royal icing on a foil lined cookie sheet and let her create her own picture or design. I'll post a picture after we do it, but it'll probably be about a week from now.

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