Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Wanna Go!!!!!!

I'm working on a project that involves going back through every post I've written about one of our road trips. It's giving me CAH-RAZY wanderlust. I wanna go somewhere! I feel like we've been cooped up here forever. Which is a bit insane because it was just 2 months ago that we drove 700 miles (one-way) to spend a weekend in Southern Utah. I'm lusting after a good, hearty 3 week road trip though.

Over to Portland, down through the Redwoods and Yosemite, over to the Grand Canyon and back up through Utah.

Or Devil's Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Wind Cave, Dinosaur National Park, City of Rocks and Craters of the Moon.

Or maybe East to the Great Lakes.

Somewhere, anywhere! Well, maybe not anywhere. It would be nice to actually feel warm again if we were gonna be on vacation. Alas! There is no long road trip in our future. I think the best I might finagle is a weekend to Grand Teton.

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