Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ancient Rome

We have made our way through Ancient Greece and it's time for me to do the prep work for the Ancient Rome unit. I had a more difficult time coming up with activities for this unit for some reason, there just wasn't a lot out there that fit in and was age appropriate.

A little background: We are following the classical method of teaching history and covering Ancient History this year. My homeschooler is 6 years old and 1st grade, so we're on the basic, "get an idea of everything" pass through.

Dress the soldier: I found this worksheet we can print out on heavier paper and use to learn a little more about how Roman soldiers were dressed.

Make an arch: I'm planning to follow the suggestions on this website to build a marshmallow arch...basically give her marshmallow, ask her to build an arch and leave her to figure it out. Key to this activity is keeping it novel...she won't see other marshmallow arches before building her own.

Erupt a volcano: When we talk about Pompeii, we'll do a model volcano activity

Make a tunic: I was really searching for more activities and this was something I had considered for Greece, but ended up not doing. I have a lot of scrap fabric and Sierra knows a bit about sewing, so I'll probably let her make a tunic

And that's all I've got this time around. Food seemed kind of silly because there's so much overlap with Greece and Egypt. Josh suggested some sort of statue carving activity, but I couldn't come up with anything feasible for her age range. I'm looking forward to moving on to the middle ages next year. I've started putting together our curriculum for that and my heart just isn't into the ancients anymore!! Egypt was the most fun unit this year (for me, anyway). We also could've done a lot more fun activities with the prehistoric section, but I was still searching for how to effectively teach history when we did that part.

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