Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Southern Utah Trip Part II

After staying up until 10 Friday night, the girls still got up at 7 on Saturday morning. This is why we put them to bed so early, their internal alarm clocks seem to be set for 7 no matter what! After breakfast and some baths, we headed out to check out some sights by the river. We were short on time, so we decided to go where we could see a lot of different things in a small area.

First up were some petroglyphs.

Though this is also a climbing area, and I have to admit Josh and I were just as impressed with lines that were so easy to pick out
A little further down the road, there are a few dinosaur tracks
And even further down the road, you can pull in and see Jug Handle Arch. There's a small parking lot and at first, we looked over at this and had a little debate over whether this was the arch (and totally not worth seeing) or just a rock that fell.
Then someone (I think Josh) turned around and said, "No! THAT'S the arch!"

Some of the scenery from the same area

Sierra challenged Uncle Coo to a race while I was busy cleaning up Sedona (who had happily plopped herself down on the ground, removed her shoes, and filled them with sand)
By then, it was lunchtime, so we headed back to Milt's to pick up some food and hung out at a high school track near by while my nephew did some running. (no, that's not my nephew, that's Sedona, obviously, who has a little more of that "awww.....cute!!" factor than a sweaty, 18 year old guy.)
Then it was back to Arches National Park for Sierra to turn in the work for her Junior Ranger badge. While she was grilled by a ranger, Sedona played in the visitor's center and was so excited to find this little cubby hole.
Sierra was awarded her badge ("it's the shiniest one!" she said)And we let them play on the animals outside a bit before it was time to load up and head home

We drove back to Salt Lake that night. Woke up Sunday morning, and after Secora practiced a few tummy crunches and propping herself up, we drove the 8 hours back home

A winter storm moved through overnight and the mountain pass we had crossed on the way down now had ice on the road. We kept checking in on the conditions throughout the day, but it wasn't clearing, so we ended up taking the long way around to avoid it. Added about an hour to our trip, but gave us a little peace of mind. If you check out that link, it's a camera of current conditions. As of last night, it was still icy and you can see the snow is piled high enough to block the speed limit sign.

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Melinda said...

Wow! What a trip! Your pictures are great!


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