Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here, There, Everywhere...

I haven't been here because I've been there. We've so corrupted our road-trip thought process that we now consider 1450 miles with 3 small children to be a nice weekend trip.

We left Thursday after lunch and drove down to Moab (stopping for a night in Salt Lake City along the way) to meet up with Josh's brother and his family. A grand time was had by all and we made it back tonight after driving the long way around to avoid the newly icy mountain pass we would normally cross. The kids are all rock star travelers and didn't give us any more trouble in the car than they would at home.

I have pictures that I've already put on the computer, but I need to go through and actually write a post. First, I have to report for my EGD tomorrow morning though. Great way to recover from a vacation don't you think?

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