Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

It's been a few days since I posted because we were having a fun-filled weekend!

It all started on Friday, when I made up sugar cookie dough and let the girls cut out the shapes they wanted

I baked those after they went to bed and let them cool down over night.

Saturday morning, we headed out to an Easter egg hunt in the next town over. The girls tried to stick together, with the end result being that they each only got 6 eggs total. And 4 of those were hard boiled eggs. They were disappointed, and I have to admit I would've been too.

But there was more fun to be had. That afternoon, I made up icing for the cookies and dyed it all different colors. I also got out whatever sprinkles we had on hand, because Sedona "just wuves spwinkles!!!" (yes, we still have some speech issues, we're working on it)
We used ziploc sandwich bags for piping to save on clean up and Sierra got to have her turn during naptime:
This was my favorite cookie of Sierra's. I told her it was all groovy and she asked me what groovy meant. Have you ever tried to define groovy to a 6 year old?
Of course, I had to get in on the act too. If I'm gonna go to the trouble to make everything, I should get to have some fun too, right?
Then Sedona woke up from her nap and it was her turn. I think this may have been the first time she decorated cookies. At least, it was the first time she really did almost everything by herself.

Sedona's cookies:
It was actually pretty warm this weekend, so we played outside for a while (pictures of that coming later) and soaked up some sun.

After dinner, it was egg dying time. We had a heck of a time explaining to Sedona that we were going to DYE the eggs, not DIE the eggs. She was also convinced that the eggs all had baby chickens in them, because well, chickens come from eggs.

I know this is a horrible picture, but it caught her expression the best. Dying eggs is some really cool magic to a 3 year old
Sierra's graduated to doing her own eggs and trying out some multi-colored eggs.
She did a pretty good tri-colored one all on her own
By the end, Sedona was doing a better job of dipping her eggs with just a little bit of help
Then it was time for bed. We all got up early Sunday morning (except Secora who had been exceptionally fussy all.night.long.) to see what the Easter bunny had left. Wouldn't you know? That ol' Easter bunny knew just what I was going to have to buy soon anyway and saved us the trouble...some new playdoh and markers for the school room, pacifiers and spoons for Secora...

There was also candy and some toys. The favorite so far seems to be these little plastic toys with a spring and a suction cup. You push them down and then they pop up and you try to catch them in a basket (yes, it feeds my toaster fear...don't know what that bunny was thinking).
We managed to wait until Secora woke up, but then it was egg hunting time

Sweet Sierra remembered how it felt the day before to see other kids with baskets full of eggs while she only had a few, so she kept an eye on Sedona's basket and whenever Sedona was "behind", Sierra would either point out an egg to Sedona instead of picking it up, or go get the egg, but give it to Sedona.

They were already on sugar overload, but we had one more egg hunt to check out. The local airfield decided to do an egg hunt for the first time this year. The girls were ready this time, they weren't going to miss out again. When it was time to start, they both took off running

They ended up with full baskets this time. And the eggs were STUFFED with candy. Sierra was most excited about a coupon for a free kid's meal at the restaurant they have there. She came running up to us yelling, "I got my very first COUPON!!!!!!!!!!"

All in all, it was a fun weekend, hope everyone had a great time!


Brandy said...

It just seems wrong to be hunting Easter eggs bundled up like that! :P

The Hills said...

Tell me about it! It was really nice later that day though


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