Saturday, March 19, 2011


Mind mushing day around here. Finally really finished taxes (about 30 pages of forms later...I wish I was joking). Everything is e-filed and now I just need to send a fat check to the state of Montana. For the record, I prefer state sales tax (except for food...what's up with that Tennessee?) over state income tax. Also for the record, did you know the state of Maryland requires non-resident filers to pay an extra 1.25% on top of the regular state income tax? This only comes up for people who earn money from Maryland, but don't actually live there. Since they don't live there, I'm assuming they don't get to vote there. So tacking an extra tax on them sounds suspiciously similar to a little issue we started a whole revolution over. I'm just sayin'.

I have no post for you, but we had fun pulling up Sierra's baby pictures and then sitting Secora up next to the computer screen to compare them. I went ahead and pulled pictures of all 3 girls around the same age (SOO hard to find a picture of Sedona without a pacifier!!!)


Brandy said...

Ok, here's my impression. Because its so important and all right? :P
Sierra looks most like you, with a touch of Josh. Sedona looks most like your mom. And Secora looks most like Josh, closer to Sierra than Sedona though. Even their hair (lines) match the ones they look like IMO! They all look really similar though. But I can definitely tell them apart!

The Hills said...

EVERYONE thought Sierra looked like Josh when she was a baby though. Of course, there's no denying she's my little mini me now, but we didn't know that back then :-p The hair's a little deceiving, b/c I had trouble cropping...Sierra's got a super long mohawk going on and Secora looks like she has that widow's peak hairline b/c that's where the hair's the longest, but it's really more filled in than that, she's just got way less hair than the other two.

In general, Sedona just looks WAY different to us though. Still cute as a bug and no denying they're related!


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