Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Heart Faces: Sun Flare

This week's challenge at the I Heart Faces photo challenge was sun flare. I was hopeful that with the warmer weather around here, I'd be able to get outside with the girls and try taking a few pictures. Unfortunately, the sun hid behind thick clouds all day long.

Then Josh reminded me of this picture. It was taken with a regular point and shoot several years ago, so I put it in photoshop and played around a little bit with the cropping and some of the colors. Sierra is about 18 months old. Josh's dad had come to visit and we were all at the soccer fields watching him referee a game. This was taken at half time.

1 comment:

queenwild said...

Wow...that is amazing. I love the way her hair is flying up! I can't believe you got this shot with a point and shoot! Good job!


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