Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Diaper Breakdown

I made a final decision on that diaper dilemma, and I'm sure it's not a surprise to hear we're going with disposables. My main concern has always been price, so I thought I'd do a price breakdown.

Through Amazon, you can join the MOM program for free. This gives you a free prime membership for 3 months (you add a month each time you spend $25 on baby stuff up to a total of one year free). The prime membership gives you free 2 day shipping on a lot of things, not just baby items. You also get 15% off many baby items. If a MOM member also signs up for a subscription to have a certain number of diapers shipped to them on a regular basis, they end up with a total 30% discount.

I put in our subscription yesterday for 2 packs of 144 count Huggies Little Snugglers (size 2) to be delivered every month. I know there are cheaper options, but I know these don't irritate Secora's skin and I'm not in the mood to play around with a lot of different brands. I ended up paying $45.86 for the order, or $0.16/diaper. And it is delivered to my door for me. I am figuring we need about 250 diapers per month, so a monthly delivery this size will give us a little bit of a surplus, which I'm planning to save up and use to take a month off delivery in the future when we're just about ready to switch to size 3 diapers.

I also ordered a pack of Huggies wipes (648 count) to be delivered once every 2 months. Final price was $14.22, or $0.02/wipe. I figure we'll need about 370 wipes/month, so this size package every 2 months might end up being a bit short, we'll have to see what happens.

Total approximate cost per month to disposable diaper in name brands...$52.97, which is a little cheaper than I was expecting. There are certainly cheaper options available through Amazon that still get the discounts. I plugged our information into this calculator and found we're probably spending about $30/month to wash diapers (in hot water with an extra rinse ina top loader and using an old electric dryer). So by going to disposables, we're paying an extra $20-$25/month. I'm willing to sacrifice that out of the vacation budget for a clear baby bottom and more convenience. A year (or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5) ago, $20/month was a big deal because we were pinching every single penny as much as possible. Our situation has changed though and so are some of our choices.

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Big Fat Gini said...

When we considered cloth diapering with B and the twins (because the thought of buying disposables was insane), I forgot to add in what we would be spending on water for washing. At that point, the city was still charging us by gallons used and not a flat rate.

Now that they're doing the flat rate, I discovered we're over the "flat rate usage amount" which means what we pay for water is obscene. So, I really have no point to this except to say...ADD IN THE COST OF WASHING!

Snyder Central said...

I don't blame you one bit. We're using disposables for David until he trains.

Marti Kubena said...

Man I wish we knew about the MOM thing long ago. We are already prime members so I'm wondering if we could tack on some free extra months with this program. Cause it's not like I won't be buying diapers for at least another year....

The Hills said...

Hmm....not sure what happens if you're already a prime member. The only downside was our first shipment came yesterday and the diapers came on one UPS truck and the wipes came on a different UPS truck later in the day, which means they woke the baby up TWICE. Not cool. It's hard enough for her to get a decent nap in with the two older kids running around.


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