Monday, March 14, 2011

Apple Pie for Pi Day

I decided to be ambitious and try to make an apple pie. I've never successfully made an apple pie from scratch. The first time I tried, I didn't understand that the apples needed to be piled high, so I ended up with a normal looking pie on the outside with hardly any filling when I cut into it. Since then, there have been numerous pies with normal filling, but a domed top crust with a giant air bubble underneath it. The recipe I tried today assured me that the top crust would fall with the apples as they cooked down. So I made my crust, peeled, cored and cut my apples and baked my pie.

Yup, big ol' dome and I'm sure empty space underneath. I think I give up on apple pie! I was going to have Sierra help, but Secora was being a little fussy, so Sierra's job ended up being to rock the baby to sleep (in the stroller, she pushed it back and forth for me).

Oh well, Happy Pi Day anyway! Tune in tomorrow for a cream cheese biscuit tutorial!

1 comment:

Snyder Central said...

Yummy apple pie! Nest time do a BIG cut out shape in the middle. Like the minature leaf cookie cutters or such. Then the steam can escape better.


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