Friday, February 4, 2011

The Friday Film

Welcome to the first installment of the Friday film(s). It might also be the last installment, but it just so happens that today is Friday and I have films (hey, there's no day that starts with V, cut me some slack). I'll stop while I'm ahead (or not) and get on with the baby cuteness.

Secora always stares at the flashing red light when I try to video tape her, so I covered the light with my finger. Then when I uploaded the videos, I realized I was also covering the mic. So some things I thought I had, I totally don't have because they're nothing but static. Oh well, live and learn.

Here she is discovering she has hands (or, one hand, at least). Not sure she realizes it's attached to her, but still cute.
And here she is trying (quite unsuccessfully) to suck her thumb
And last, but most certainly not least, there's a lot of cooing and near the end, a half giggle in this one. You're lucky I'm sharing it...putting up a video with me talking on it is akin to talking on the phone. The grandmas better appreciate it!

I know, no video of the big kids. That's because as soon as the camera comes out, they start hamming it up and acting ridiculous. Hard to get candid video of them.

And I'm gonna say this officially satisfies goal #74 on my 101 in 1001 list. I have now learned how to take video, upload it to the computer, edit it (cut it down, change the lighting, etc...), put it on you tube and post it to the blog.

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Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job! Thanks for posting. She is so stinkin' cute :)....makes you want to reach in there and pick her up and start smoochin' all over those chubby cheeks :) Mom


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