Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Blahs

Between the short days, the constantly below freezing temperatures and the solid white landscape, it's awfully easy to fall into some winter blahs up here. I decided I'd feel less blah-y if I cleaned up the house, but I was SOOO far behind I didn't know where to start. Finally settled on organizing kid's clothes. We had 3 big boxes of clothes that had been hanging out in the living room since we got home and all of the clothes stored away in the attic were mixed up from just being thrown in containers when we moved. So, during naptime, we got all of the clothes out of boxes and sorted them by size and also by season. Then we boxed them back up all neat and pretty so it's easy to get what we need. Pretty sure Secora is completely set for clothing from the age of 2 to 5.

And while we were upstairs, I took a picture of one of Sierra's history projects. We learned about early writing, so this was her version of writing in "clay" (really play-doh because I never made it to the store for clay). She used a popsicle stick as a "stylus". The one on the left is the pictograph she made up for "house" and the one on the right is the cuneiform she made so she could see how the writing styles were different. I just let her do her own thing on these after we read about the two styles of writing and then we left them out until they dried so she could see how the writing would harden up.

Not much else going on around here this weekend, but next week should be interesting. Secora will turn 2 months old, I'm going to a local homeschool meeting, and I've planned an art project where I'm actually going to let the girls paint (ugh! I must confess, I hate painting time unless it's finger paint on the driveway in July!!)

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