Monday, January 17, 2011

Still Nuthin'

I felt better Sunday, but we still didn't do much of anything. We told Sedona to "stop copying" and "talk quieter" "just stop talking!" more than a few times, but then I went back through the blog (see? It has purpose!) and realized that Sierra was doing the same things at the exact same age.

I did get started on making a cover for my Kindle. Assuming it works out as planned (which is not at all guaranteed), I'll post a tutorial when it's done.

We're all off to the doctor this morning. Secora has her 2 month check up, Sierra has a 6 year well check (and maybe an iron test...that child has circles under her eyes all the time) and a "dude, what is up with this agonizing pain" discussion for me. We're scheduled to be there for an hour and a half, so think warm fuzzy thoughts that all the kids cooperate and I get some answers.

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