Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Apparently my blog is loading just fine for every computer except mine. It has something to do with flash, or maybe java? There are those pretty fonts you see as the post titles. Well, unless you're one of those lucky people with an ipad, and then, let's be honest, you don't need my pretty fonts to brighten your day because you get to walk around all the time thinking, "look at me and my awesome ipad, this is awesome awesomeness". But all of you with regular ol' "welcome to the future, I can video chat with anyone in the world for free" computers are seeing those pretty fonts. And I'm not. Plus my blog is taking FOREVER to load. I changed the coding over the weekend because I didn't want to slow everyone else down and then I figured out it may not be a problem for anyone else. And I asked around, and yeah it seems the problem is only with me. I've updated flash, firefox and java and no luck. If you have some insight, I'd love to hear it. It seems maybe flash and firefox don't play well together. I want to see the fonts I worked so hard to get up there though.

We had our big visit at the doctor Monday. Sierra and Secora checked out fine. For the very first time in my life, I listened to a doctor give true informed consent about vaccines without me asking anything. Benefits, risks, side effects...actual information. And then (shocking, I tell you!) she asked us which ones we wanted done. I think the pediatrician group in Texas we were using (who were great at illness, but irked me at almost every well child visit) would've called this little exchange complete heresy. But then, they're the same people that still asked me "vaginal or cesarean birth?" immediately after I told them Sedona was born at home.

My visit was also productive. After squishing to bits every single organ between my ribs and hips palpating my abdomen, and realizing my gallbladder, while tender, is not even a fraction as tender as my stomach, she said she thinks I might have bile reflux. Google it, it sounds fun. Basically bile that should digest your food sneaks its way back into your stomach instead. And your stomach is not made to handle bile, so it gets seriously ticked off. Since I have a long history of unexplained gastritis, this kinda fits. For now, I'm going to start taking pepcid every day instead of just when things are really riled up and see if we can get my stomach feeling better (because it's got issues of its own, no matter what else is or isn't going on). I'll also go get an ultrasound to look for gallstones on Thursday.

But the highlight of the day was drama class. The local community theater does a "youth theater school" each semester and we got Sierra signed up. The youngest group is just kids in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. We weren't really sure what to expect, especially because the class takes place on the stage and parents are welcome to be in the lobby, but asked not to be in there with the kids. Sierra only took about 10 minutes to warm up. They were definitely her kind of people, a group of hyper, outgoing, dramatic little girls. She came home talking about how fun it is and how she wants to go every day and how she gets to be in a real performance (they put on a play at the end, there are also groups with older kids, they combine everyone for the play). It seems they do a little script acting, a little set design, a little improvisation, and just get a general introduction to theater. She was all excited to tell us about how there are lots of clothes and make up and a big mirror back stage. I also overheard her telling Sedona, "I'm an ACTRESS". That she is. We've finally got a good outlet for the drama....may she leave it on the stage and stop bringing it home with her!!


Lori said...

I'm wondering if it is with Firefox. That's what we use. It took awhile for the page to open and even the comment box. I'm also not seeing the cute fonts.

I have several friends with gallbladder issues. I don't envy anyone with them. I hope you'll be feeling better soon.

I thought about signing my son up for some Drama classes, but he would absolutely die! He does everything he can to hide behind other kids his age in the choir on Sunday.

Carolyn said...

I asked Jason about the fonts. It may be because you have javascripting turned off. Or some other security on your Firefox to not let javascripts run in order to prevent yourself from getting viruses. We use Chrome now; although Jason says I should still use Firefox because it's safer. But the way he had it set up was driving me crazy because I kept having to give it to permission to run scripts in order to view just about any website. He was running an add on called No Script. You may have the same thing or something similar in the browser settings. It's great at protection but not so great when it blocks things it doesn't need to.

The Hills said...

Thanks for the input ladies!! It's suddenly fixed for me this morning (I uninstalled and reinstalled flash--there's a certain version for firefox--and updated java last night, maybe restarting made all that take effect?). I'm considering taking the code out and finding another way to do it (if there is another way) so it doesn't cause trouble for others. I'm pretty sure the trouble started when I upgraded to the latest firefox (version 3.6.13) though.


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