Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Art Time

Josh and I both have science degrees, so we tend to lean towards math and science topics when we're teaching the girls. I have to really make an effort to pull in some art sometimes. The girls worked on a little project they had a lot of fun with over the last few days though. First, I drew their names in big block letters on poster board and let them paint them. Then, on another day, I gave them glue and a bunch of random things to decorate with and let them have at it. Small tip: Cotton swabs work great as "paintbrushes" for liquid glue, just cut one end off to minimize mess (if there are two tips, you can be sure a preschooler will dip both in the glue).

You'll notice we have a very strict dress code in our school. Sedona's in a fairy dress, with green flannel PJ bottoms and Sierra's in a ballet leotard with purple sweatpants.

While the big girls glued to their heart's content, I got the week's lessons together (which should've been done already, but there was that little "excruciating pain" thing over the weekend that kinda held me back) and Secora studied up on her ancient history.

When the girls were done, we left their pictures to dry. Sierra decided to cut up some of her postcards to use. I like her whole "claw mark motif" thing going on at the top there. And you may be able to tell all of the supplies were on the right side of Sedona's picture...she carefully glued one item on each letter of her name, then it's like she got to the S and just dumped the rest on. She did mention she was glad she had some 3's to use, because she's 3.

And I may be certifiably insane, but I've been letting Sierra take a few pictures (we only have the DSLR now, so this involves trusting her not to drop a camera worth several hundred dollars). She wants her own DSLR...yeah, maybe in 5 or 10 years if I ever upgrade.

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Big Fat Gini said...

Goodness, you really are hardcore about the dress code. You stand outside of their doors with a rule to check the length of their princess dresses too, don't you? :OP

Really, I think you're giving the girls a fun environment. Too many of us aren't big fans of math or science (ahem). I think it's awesome.

Now the camera thing....yeah, you may be a bit crazy.


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