Sunday, January 9, 2011

11 in 2011: Day 9

Day 9 is "Favorite Things To Do On A Cold Winter Day"

Now that we've moved from Texas to Montana, I've developed a whole new definition of cold winter day. 40 degrees and rainy used to be miserable. Lately, 25 degrees is considered a warm snap. No matter how much I adjust to the local weather though, those single digit and below zero days call for staying inside at almost all costs.

My favorite thing to do is to get hot chocolate or hot peppermint tea and a good book and either curl up under the covers or hide out in a steaming hot bath (I know, bad for the skin. I figure that's what they make lotion for). Now that we have kids to entertain, that rarely works out though. So other fun things are to have a family movie night, play some games on the Wii to get our blood moving, or do some baking to warm up the kitchen. That, and hope summer comes early. I'm a Texas girl through and through...anything below 75 is cold for me and I don't like bein' cold!

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