Saturday, January 8, 2011

11 in 2011: Day 8

Day 8 of the 11 in 2011 is "Favorite Healthy Snacks"

Well that's easy! My favorite healthy snack is the one someone else is eating so there's more chocolate for me!

Oh, you wanted actual healthy snack ideas, huh? Hmmm...brownies? cheesecake? peanut m&ms? It's like the old Bill Cosby skit---flour, eggs, milk...why can't you have chocolate cake for breakfast?

Okay, okay, down to business. Popcorn made at home isn't perfect, but it's not cheesecake. Homemade banana bread, low-fat yogurt (homemade is great, but I've been buying it lately), raw carrots, hummus (again, homemade, but Josh is the hummus wizard around here), and good ol' fresh fruit.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not so big on healthy snacks. That's why I I can eat whatever I want. I know that only works for weight gain and not general health, but I'm completely, thoroughly addicted to sugar. I try to keep the kids on fruit leather, applesauce, graham crackers and dried fruit for snacks ('cause they like sweets too, but at least those are a little less sugary than candy)


Kristy said...

Great list; made me laugh. I'm pretty serious about chocolate too :)

Kit said...

I like to eat whatever and then just exercise too!

MJ said...

I try not to snack since I love the unhealthy snacks...oh well! That's what this link up will help with, hopefully :)


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