Sunday, January 23, 2011

101 Goals in 1001 Days

Apparently this 101 in 1001 thing has been around for a couple of years, but I'd never heard of it. I know it's kinda cheesy, but I embrace my dorkiness and since you read here, you probably find it at least a little interesting too.

Start Date: January 23, 2011
End Date: October 20, 2013 (according to this site I'm not bothering to double check)

Rules: Goals must be attainable, but take some effort to achieve

Progress: 46/101 goals completed  12/101 goals in progress  1001/1001 days (100.0%) updated 10/20/13

Not yet attempted
In progress

1. Run 5K without walking
2. Drink 64oz of water a day everyday for a week (0/7)
3. Do a sprint distance triathlon 7/2013
4. Get a massage at least an hour long 5/12/11
5. Be in bed with the lights off by 10pm every night for one week (0/7)
6. Be in bed with the lights off by 12am every night for one month (30/30) 2011
7. Avoid all carbonated drinks for 26 weeks (26/26) 2011
8. Complete 2011 goal #3 (the postpartum tone-up) 12/15/2011
9. Get my eyes checked and get new glasses 5/2012
10. Sleep 8 hours straight 2/9/11

11. Read 5 books from the 2000-2009 banned/challenged books list I haven't read before (5/5) The Giver (#1), The Fighting Ground (#3), The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife
12. Re-certify my IBCLC
13. Write a bucket list
14. Get 10 book suggestions and read them (11/10) Game of Thrones (read first 5 books), Nurture Shock, The Help, Lone Survivor, Delirium, The Orphan Train, Matched,
15. Re-read the Harry Potter Series (7/7) 2011 booklist
16. Read a non-fiction book from a viewpoint I disagree with Why We Get Fat
17. Buy (and start using) one of the Rosetta Stone programs bought Spanish and through Level 1
18. Donate 10,000 grains of rice through
19. Read 20 books from the Best 100 Novels list that I haven’t read before (1/20) The Poisonwood Bible,
20. Learn to identify 5 constellations (0/5)
21. Visit 3 museums (0/3)
22. Take the kids to the Spectrum Discovery Area at UM 6/18/11
23. Read the Little House on the Prairie Books to Sierra (2/9)
24. Change the oil in the car myself

25. Make a souffle
26. Make 15 new recipes from the Rather Sweet Cookbook (1/15) cafe chocolate cherry bites, creme brulee french toast casserole,
27. Make pasta from scratch
28. Home can 50 quarts of food (59.75/50) (stopped tracking in July 2012) bread and butter jalapenos; fig jam; carrot cake jam; carrots; pepper relish jam; refrigerator dill pickles; quick dill pickles; bread and butter pickles; blueberry jam; applesauce; strawberry jam; sweet potatoes
29. Make bagels from scratch
30. Cook an all Farmer's Market meal
31. Create a good hot chocolate mix

32. Have a child free weekend with Josh for our 10th anniversary
33. Take a family trip to Disney World or Disney Land September 2011
34. Take the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine August 2012
35. Visit 2 states I've never been to (1/2) South Dakota
36. Visit another country
37. Go camping with all the kids
38. Update my passport with my married name Not possible, need replacement goal
39. Renew my passport when it expires paperwork mailed 6/7/2011
40. Get passports for each of the girls
41. Visit 3 new National Parks (2/3) Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower
42. Go on a girl's weekend with friends

43. Mindfully accumulate 4 months of food storage
44. Live off food storage for one month (no grocery shopping)
45. Don't eat out for one month (different month than the goal above)
46. Pay off at least 75% of the ACS student loan (6.6/75) Revised: Pay off at least 15% of the original principle balance of the mortgage (7.06/15)
47. Complete 2011 goal #1 (save 10% of annual income in emergency fund) 12/22/11
48. Have a garage sale March 3, 2012

49. Start a journal to each of the girls
50. Watch the sunrise with the kids
51. Have an entire girl's day with just Sierra
52. Have an entire girl's day with just Sedona
53. Make silhouettes of each of the girls (3/3)
54. Have "the talk" with Sierra May 2012
55. Write out Secora's birth story post is here
56. Hike 3 trails with the kids that are at least 1/2 mile long each (2/3) North Window, Arches Dino Park
57. Go camping with the girls at a primitive, hike in campsite
58. Take a picture of each girl once a month and make a slide show at the end showing the progression (9/34)
59. Order Secora's birth certificate received June 2011
60. Teach Sierra how to shoot a BB gun December 2011
61. Take Sierra (and maybe Sedona, depending on how old/calm she is) to see The Nutcracker Tickets purchased for December 2013

62. Organize the older picture files on my computer, delete duplicates
63. Scan and organize pictures of Josh and I as kids
64. Make a will
65. Collect pictures of the women in my maternal family line and make a scrapbook
66. Organize my Cook's Country Magazines

67. Finish the full sized quilt May 2011
68. Finish the king sized quilt October 2013
69. Take a photography class
70. Get at least one ad on the blog, not counting adsense June 2011
71. Make a cover for the Kindle bought one instead
72. Buy a fabric I love and make something with it
73. Blog about each item as it's completed (34/101)
74. Learn how to edit and post videos from my Playsport camera Jan and Feb 2011
75. Photograph the alphabet
76. Photograph a day in the life
77. Participate on Book Crossing May 2012
78. Make soap
79. Go to a sports event
80. Try to make yarn
81. Buy a tripod Found one I didn't know we had!

Things to buy
82. Go to a real salon and pay to have my hair actually styled (in a style I can repeat) Had it colored purple!
83. Buy (or make) a headboard for our bed
84. Buy a new mattress
85. Buy all new underwear
86. Buy new make up
87. Buy a decent couch
88. Go out for sushi
89. Buy good silverware received some instead
90. Buy fresh flowers at the farmer’s market

91. Answer the 50 questions that will free your mind in blog posts (50/50) 1-25 26-50
92. Go on 3 picnics as a family (not including camping) (2/3) June 4, 2011September 2012
93. Move back to Texas August 2011
94. Send an unexpected care package to someone Done, but I can't say when or who b/c we chose to stay anonymous.
95. Hang a hammock and read a book in it
96. Clean out my email inbox
97. Wear earrings and a necklace every day for one month (0/30)
98. Send Josh’s ring to have the diamond replaced
99. Watch 10 movies I haven’t seen from the AFI 100 list
100. Get 3,000 blog hits in one month multiple months
101. Go to a First Friday

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Karen said...

Those are some awesome goals! I've done some of these things. It will be fun trying to get it all done. Maybe I will give it a try sometime, we'll see.


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