Friday, September 28, 2007

Susie Homemaker

Soon after I got married (when I took a much needed break from working for several months and didn't yet have kids), I learned to cook and one day realized I was becoming quite domestic, which was really scary at the time. I have since embraced it and can admit that a day of cooking or sewing is really just as fun as a night of drinks with the girls. And on the list of things that are good about life, homemade, hand kneaded bread dough has to be near the top of the list. Closely followed (of course) by homemade bread straight from the oven. Yeast and sticky doughs used to scare me, but now I love both. I recognize now that the dough that sticks to everything makes the most perfect, light dinner roll or cinnamon roll. Ahhhh.....bread.

Josh got some sides up on the shed today, I think roof goes on tomorrow??

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Pictures!

Went to the soccer fields tonight. Sierra took this picture of her friend, Holly. Momma's resting after chasing the girls around!

I really thought jealousy would've set in by now, and I'm really glad it hasn't. Pretty sure the girls are on the road to being best buds---Sierra is still fascinated with Sedona and wants to rock her, help take care of her, get things for her, etc...:

Kinda caught a smile from Sedona:

Mid-sneeze :-)

Who's who? The kids are twins I tell you! I've had two people tell me they look totally different, everyone else thinks they're pretty much carbon copies of each other. Sierra's a little older here than Sedona (Sedona's 9 weeks, Sierra's about 4 months in that pic)

Was looking a pictures of the girls at the same ages and it really hits home that Sierra was a preemie---once she caught up developmentally, she ended up ahead of schedule on gross motor skills, but she definitely had a slower start...Sedona is doing things at 9 weeks that Sierra didn't do until around 12 weeks. Then there's the size difference. Sierra chunked up pretty good, but she started out smaller and she slowed down A LOT after 6 months. Sedona's already up to 12.5 pounds--with Sierra only being 30, I'm thinking Sedona might end up being the "big" little sister LOL

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I (foolishly) thought we had perhaps avoided the dreaded "why" stage. While Sierra's friends were starting to ask why about everything, Sierra moved right into "because". She didn't ask us, she told us. Well, 5pm Sunday, the why stage started. No joke, we were in the car and got three or four "whys" in a row and it hasn't stopped since. Actually, she's combined the two--everything is "because why?" Luckily, if you make an effort to really answer her, she stops after two or three.

We have many talks about when the sun is asleep (the child wakes up ridiculously early, we're trying to teach her not to wake us up until the sun wakes up). In the car tonight, we had the following conversation:
Sierra: "bedtime now?"
Me: "yes, when we get home, it's bedtime"
S: "because why?"
M: "because the sun's asleep"
S: "because why?"
M: "because the Earth is round and it rotates"
S: "okay"
Why in the world was that an okay explanation???? I'm pretty sure she has no idea with "Earth" is and I know she has no clue about orbits and rotation, etc.... whatever!

The other child continues to be a big ol' chunk. She's about 12.5 pounds now and all sorts of roly poly---gotta love those extra baby creases!!!! She is smiling lots, but I can't catch a picture of it b/c everytime I get her to smile, Sierra gets in her face to smile back and say, "she smiling at me!", so all the pictures are of the back of Sierra's head.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


My poor legs! We did our first post-pregnancy 5k this morning. It was a fundraiser for a local woman who developed a flesh eating bacteria infection following a c-section. We walked a lot of it, with a little running here and there. You definitely push yourself harder when there are other people around quads and achilles tendons are SORE!!

A few pics:

It's time for Sierra to give up her toddler bed so we can have a mattress in the crib again (Sedona actually prefers laying down to nap rather than being held or in the swing). So, she upgraded to a twin sized mattress today!

Had to do a closer shot to show what she fell asleep doing...yes, those are phonics flash cards. The kid is begging me to teach her to read ALL the time.

Progress on the shed! Josh is building this all by himself--he got most of the framing done while I was out of town this week.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Geckos, Spiders and Meatballs

I believe Milton has moved on to greener pastures. I assume they're greener, anyway. Surely anyplace is greener (metaphorically, at least) than a shower. We're gonna miss him, oddly enough.

Josh's mom was here for a visit last weekend and bought us a pressure washer....wheeeeeeeee!!! I got a chance to hook it up today and am happy to say it works great, but spider webs are tenacious little buggers. Oh, and never get in the way of a pressure washer--they're not great at distinguishing between dirt and skin.

A few pictures from last weekend:

Grammy and Sierra making meatballs together

Sedona wearing the diamond ring Josh's mom was given at her christening:

One of the new garden beds (the soil will be between the two rings, the center will be for melons/squashes to trail into and will hold a sprinkler so the whole garden can be watered easily. There are now two of these built):

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home again, home again...

You'd think our lives would slow down when we have a baby, but no, we seem to be missing that bit of common sense. Let's see, in the 8 weeks since Sedona was born, we have completely ripped out and rebuilt the kitchen (still no paint on the walls or trim up where needed, but the rest is now done), Josh was gone 3 days to ref the Austin Labor Day Cup, he was gone 4 days to attend the ASR conference, we've built the new garden, the floor and framing for a shed, I've returned to full time work, we've started running and biking again, and I just returned from 3 days in Austin for a training.

The instructor of the course I went to was happy to have a newborn in the class, so just Sedona and I went (in the past, Josh has come along to do "daddy daycare" in between nursings). It was mentally relaxing because I didn't have a three year old around and therefore didn't have to say, "no"; "get off that"; "smaller bites" or "walk please!" 50 times a day. Physically though, it was rough not having anyone to pass Sedona off to for all that time. Since I was driving, I had to actually pull over anytime she wanted to nurse (when normally, I'd just lean over the carseat so she could nurse without us stopping---that's a big safety no, no and I'm setting a bad example, don't do it). Whenever I went to eat, I had to juggle getting my food and her since I didn't have anyone to sit at the table and watch her, etc, etc, etc... It was a neat trip though. I made a stop at the milk bank where I participated in a study (that will ideally lead to the flame retardant chemicals that are currently used in matresses, pj's, etc.. being banned), dropped off my first 100oz of milk, picked up more containers to collect milk in, and got a cute milk bank t-shirt for Sedona. The training I went to didn't have too terribly much info I didn't already know, but was a fan-tabulous networking opportunity and of course the few new things you do learn always make it worth it.

Sierra had a little trouble with us being gone (pretty much she only missed Sedona, not me), but overall she did fine being home with daddy. In a week and a half we're all loadin' up and truckin' it to Amarillo for a conference. I don't think I'd recognize a free moment if it was staring me in the face....

Friday, September 14, 2007

1000 words

At work, we have a program called WIC Wellness Works that basically gives us tips and motivation for healthier living (you know, that whole "practice what you preach thing"). We are supposed to be having a screen free weekend and I am already failing miserably. We no longer have TV and I don't play computer games, how are you gonna take away my internet too?!? I decided I'm gonna try to not log on tomorrow...

Random pictures from the last few days...

Josh was out of town until Tuesday night this week. On Tuesday morning I was tired of doing all the parenting by myself and convinced (I really had to twist her arm) Sierra that we needed to go out to eat breakfast for our last "all girls" morning together. McDonald's was close by and Sierra ate an entire order of hot cakes by herself and wanted some of mine. The world war II vets that were sharing their coffee and war stories thought she was the cutest thing ever.

Just can't say it enough--we make the cutest babies!! My two gorgeous girls :-)

Pictures from the school field trip to the animal collection:

Emperor Penguin


How horribly sad is this?!?

Sierra setting the bad example for the rest of the class. I suppose "good" parents would've made her get down, but we figured it was helping her develop coordination (or climbing skills....)

The Gecko that lives in our shower. I think perhaps he should be called Milton. His tail's growing back now :-)

EXTREME CLOSE-UP!!!!! Sierra's planning a future in photography

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a....
I dare ya to name that animal. This was one of those days where Sierra was SOO proud to show me what she made at school and all I could do was say, "that's good! tell me about it!" To which she replied, "there's the wiskers". Hmmm....turns out it's a walrus. The pipe cleaners are supposed to be the big tusks and those smaller things are wiskers. And here I was thinking martian catepillar.


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